Textile Printing and Dyeing

Welcome to the Textile Printing and Dyeing section. Based on its extensive experience, VANWYK has developed automation systems for textile [printing department and dyehouses based on phased investment and construction over a flexible time period.

VANWYK offers you various levels of automation, all of which can be interlinked. Starting with simple Manual systems, most units can be upgraded to or connected to Semi-Automatic or Automatic Systems

Gravimetric Dispensers

High speed and high accuracy

Textile Printing

Textile Dyeing


Vacuumstrainer with drumlift

Vacuum strainer / drumlift

Vanwyk’s Vacuum Strainer enables printers to sieve their printing pastes quickly and thoroughly. Especially designed for sieving printing colours and thickening emulsions.

Drum Washing Machine


Vanwyk’s drum and tub washer eliminates unpleasant and time-consuming manual cleaning of dirty drums and pails.

Rotary Screen Washing Machine

Rotary Screen Washing Machine

A Vanwyk Screenwasher cleans two (Duplo) or three (Triplo) rotary screens simultaneously. Fast and thoroughly thanks to its unique waterspray-nozzle system, effective brush rollers and oscillating action of the screens.

Knock-Brush Device

Knock-Brush Device

The Vanwyk Knock Brush unit cleans all dust and lint from your fabric and cloth.