In-Can Dispenser

Paints & Coatings

Fast and accurate dispense

Excellent reproducibility

Modular construction

Safe and clean environment

In-Can Dispenser
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The In-Can Dispense Line has been specifically designed for the fast and flexible industry-to-industry production of small order series, directly produced in customer specified container sizes.

The In-Can filling and tinting system supports up to 32 bases and 64 color components to be dispensed into batches up to 30 kg into customer containers. The design combines high accuracy with very high speed dispensing. The system can be extended with a container lift and automatic valve cleaning


  • Modular design, easy to expand
  • Easy to operate
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Barcode identification
  • Self-learning Camelot dispensing software


  • Available in EX-proof version


The dispense valves are opened by an electro-pneumatic valve actuator that travels above the valves. The actuator is equipped with a stepper motor to facilitate full proportional control of the valve opening.


The In-Can dispenser dispenses directly into the final packing, so that orders as little as one can of a particular shade can be produced.


The In-Can Dispenser can be equipped with 8 mm and/or 18 mm valves. This allows for dispensing speeds from 10-15 l/min for the small valves to 20-25 l/min for the larger valves


Number of valves8 to 48
Accuracy0.05 g.
Capacity30 kg