Automatic Powder Dispenser

Textile Dyeing

Fast and accurate dispense

Excellent reproducibility

Modular construction

Safe and clean environment

Automatic Powder Dispenser
Header APD1
Automatic Powder Dispenser Header APD1

The Automatic Powder Dispenser (APD1) has been designed to dispense powders and granules, combining highly accurate and repeatable batching results with a clean and safe working environment.

Based on proven technology licensed from Ciba Geigy, the APD1 can handle most solids, from fine powders to large grains.


  • Modular design, easy to expand
  • Easy to operate
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • dust collecting system at scale
  • Self-learning Camelot dispensing software


  • Dispensing liquid dyes
  • Manual weighing
  • Barcode check on filling


Powder is dispensed by rotating valves onto a scale that moves underneath the silo’s.

The valves are operated by a control unit that moves above the tanks in X,Y and Z direction.


The APD1 has a modular construction. Each module contains 16 silo positions and up to 6 modules can be combined, resulting in a maximum of 96 positions. A 90 liter silo uses a single position, a 300 liter silo uses 4 positions.

Safe and Clean

Each silo can be separately filled via a filtered vacuum system to ensure a safe and clean environment. The filter is automatically cleaned by air pressure.

The scale is equipped with a dust collecting system that collects dust during dispensing.


MaterialStainless steel (frame: coated steel)
Accuracy0.03 / 0.1 g
Maximum positions96
Silo size90 liter (1 position) or 300 liter (4 positions)
Scales30 kg / 0.01 g – 60 kg / 0.02 g
Filling speed10 kg/min
Dispense speedfrom 5 g/min to 20 kg/min