Automatic Powder Dissolver

Textile Dyeing

Fast dissolving

Excellent reproducibility

Safe and clean environment

Easy integration

Automatic Powder Dissolver
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The Automatic Powder Dissolver (APD2) is a high performance, flexible unit for rapid dissolving of chemicals and dyestuffs.

Equipped with a handling robot it perfectly complements the Automatic Powder Dispenser and allows for a fully automatic preparation of product batches.


  • Easy to operate
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Customizable dissolving process


  • Also available as semi-automatic or manual
  • Manual dispense station available


Powder-filled containers are automatically transported into the dissolving tank. Using a user-defined process description the powder-filled pail is tilted  slowly to strew the powder into the dissolving tank and is cleaned afterwards by spraying nozzles.


Each dissolving tank can be filled with a mix of hot and cold water to reach the required temperature and volume. The pneumatically operated cover can open and close automatically.

Safe and Clean

The dissolving takes place inside the closed tank, avoiding possible dust or product loss. No fumes or steam can escape the tank, resulting in a safe and clean working area. The cover is only opened after the batch has been transported and the dissolving tank and powder pails are clean.


MaterialStainless steel
Maximum tanks4
Tank size300 liter or 500 liter
Batch size40 kg – 500 kg
Dissolving speed12 – 16 batches/hour (depending on the quantity and the required dissolving time of the dyestuffs)