Based on its extensive experience, VANWYK has developed automatic dispensing systems for liquid and powder coatings. The range of products supports the tail end of modern coatings production, where semi-products (such as paints and pigments) are blended on request to meet flexibility- , lead time- and quality requirements.

The equipment range covers all scenarios of finished product composition including in-can filling and –tinting, tinting with powder pigments and large batch tinting. The Camelot Software is the perfect tool to control these processes.

In-Can Dispenser

The In-Can Dispense Line has been specifically designed for the fast and flexible industry-to-industry production of small order series, directly produced in customer specified container sizes.

Centering Dispense Cluster

The Centering Dispense cluster (CDC) has been designed as a large batch dispensing system for direct shipping to customers, or in-can filling of smaller containers and even sampling.

Automatic Powder Dispenser

The Automatic Powder Dispenser (APD) has been designed for those applications requiring highly accurate and repeatable batching results and at the same time it provides a clean and safe working environment. Based on proven technology licensed from Ciba Geigy, the APD can handle most solids, from fine powders to granules.

Cluster Dispenser

The Cluster Dispenser is designed to dispense components in large amounts. It consists of a group (2 – 50) of high capacity dispense valves mounted above a scale, generally built into the floor.

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