Automatic Product Distribution

Textile Dyeing

Fast switching valves

Easily cleaned

Unlimited number of destinations

Automatic Product Distribution
Header APD3
Automatic Product Distribution Header APD3

The Automatic Product Distribution (APD3) is a custom-made, highly flexible stainless-steel distribution system with special-design valves to quickly distribute the dissolved dyestuffs from the APD2 to the dyemachines.

A high-pressure pump, small diameter piping and the special interior of the valves will ensure a fast and excellent cleaning result.


  • Easy to operate
  • Easily cleaned


Because of the unique design of the 3-way valves an unlimited number of destinations can be connected through trees and branches


The valves are equipped with a fast switching actuator and have open and closed detection; the position of the valve can be checked at any time!


The unit can be integrated into a fully automatic dyehouse, distributing dissolved dyes, liquid chemicals and dissolved chemicals to the dye machines.