Sample Powder Dispenser

Flavours and Fragrances

Fast high-precision dispensing of powders

For sampling and small production

Flexible modular construction

Stand-alone or integrated

header spd
3 Liter silo
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SPD header spd 3 Liter silo 20201204_HCSD-Powder-01 20201204_HCSD-Powder-02 - Copy1 powder

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Download Brochure

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The Sample Powder Dispense Unit is a compact, self-contained dispensing system for dispensing powders and crystals into samples or small batches. It uses patented technology developed by Vanwyk Systems.

It can be used stand-alone or in combination with other liquid/powder modules of the High Capacity Sampling Dispenser (HCSD), making use of the transport system of the HCSD.


  • Self contained construction
  • High quality product output
  • Weight based dispensing
  • High speed
  • Short lead time
  • Easy expanding in future
  • Flexible modular system
  • Both EX and NON-EX possible


  • Available in EX-proof version


The unit dispenses from a silo onto a high precision digital weighing scale using patented technology developed inhouse. The silo’s are stored in a vertical storage rack inside the module. A pick and place unit will either bring the silo to the dispensing or filling position.


The unit is designed to dispense powders/crystals that flow reasonably well and compound samples in a range of 20 grams to 3,5 kg (advisory max 250 grams/dispense).

Safe and Clean

Dispensing takes place in an enclosed environment. If the enclosure is opened, dispensing stops immediately.

The CDL is equipped with drip trays that prevent product from unintentionally reaching the dispense container.


No. Silos:

Max. 31 for a small module and 62 for a large module
Material:AISI 316
Dipensing speed silos (3 / 5 L):30-60 g/min
Capacity 40-60 dispenses/hour @ 10g avg
Accuracy 0.005 g.
Storagecontainers Tanks, drums and bottles under nitrogen pressure