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Flavour & Fragrances

Our experience with Flavours & Fragrances compounding started in 1982 with the fabrication of a flavour-compounding machine. Ever since, we have been developing standard solutions for compounding departments both in the fields of machinery and computer management and optimizing and upgrading our delivery program to the latest technical standards.

The Vanwyk Flavour and Fragrance compounding systems operate in production facilities and creative labs all over the world. We always stay focused on our objective: Improving the quality and the efficiency of product creation and your compounding.


Compact Dispense Line

The Compact Dispense Line (CDL) is Vanwyk’s universal answer to varying requirements for automatic compounding equipment. The impressive dispensing speed and accuracy give the system an exceptional bandwidth regarding batch size, with smallest pour of 2 grams and largest batch of 500 kg.

Cluster Dispenser

The Cluster Dispenser is designed to dispense components in large amounts. It consists of a group of high capacity dispense valves mounted above a scale, generally built into the floor.

Manual Dispense Station

For the raw materials that are not dispensed automatically we offer a range of Manual Dispense Systems (MDS) with full bar-code control to ensure lot traceability.


Universal Compact Sampler

The Universal Compact Sampler (UCS) has been designed to compound samples for customers and for flavorists / perfumers in a range from 20 grams to 1.5 kg.

High-Capacity Sample Dispenser

The High-Capacity Sample Dispenser (HCSD) compounds samples for customers and for flavorists / perfumers in Flavor and Fragrance companies in a range from 20 grams to 5 kg.


Camelot Software

CAMELOT is designed to allow compounders of any scale to manage their production whether it is manual or automatic.

CAMELOT’s main function is the organisation of production orders as received from a host computer system, but which may just as well have been entered manually

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