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The Paternoster is an efficient rotating storage system for large amounts of products packed both in drums and cartons.

It is a major step forward to efficient handling and routing of chemicals and dyes. A clean and operator-friendly unit requiring a minimum of floorspace.


  • Filling and retreiving can be done on different levels
  • Easy to operate using pushbuttons or an optional PC
  • Low and easy maintenance


  • Operation controller
  • Manual weighing


The paternoster rotates the shelves to position the required shelf in front of the operator.


The paternoster can load up to 4000 kg and retrieve any position on any shelf within one minute.

Safe and Clean

The paternoster will keep the drums and cartons organized and away from the production floor.

Technical specifications

TYPEPC 48/30PC 48/38PC 48/50
Width W (mm) 480048004800
Height H1 (mm)300038005000
Height H2 (mm)2500 + H3300 + H4500 + H
Chainlength L (mm) 5500 71009500

Load specifications

Maximum load per platform
450 kg.
Maximum total load
4000 kg.
Maximum height of drums (h)
800 mm.
Maximum diameter of drums
450 mm.
Maximum number of platformsn=L/(h+490)