Vacuumstrainer with drumlift


    • Saves time and labour
    • Single button operation
    • Fast and flexible
    • For rotary, flatbed and roller printers
    • Easily cleaned
    • Improves quality of prints
    • De-aeration of printing paste

Vacuum Strainer with Drumlift

Vanwyk’s Vacuum Strainer enables printers to sieve their printing pastes quickly and thoroughly. Especially designed for sieving printing colours and thickening emulsions.

The optional drum lift and tilting device will raise your drums with printing colours and thickener emulsions at the push of a button.


The printing paste is poured through the sieve into a drum inside the vacuum strainer. In minutes the paste is vacuumed.

The drum lift is operated by a two-speed brakemotor, reducing the speed when the drum is tilted.


Sieving of paste in 1-3 minutes.


30 years of experience in building these units guarantees an excellent result, batch after batch.

Easy operation

2-button operation: START-STOP.


The vacuum strainer guarantees a minimum loss of printing paste. The drumlift saves time and manpower.


The vacuum strainer can be equipped with sieves of any desired mesh-size. The drumlift can be positioned on the left- or right-side of the vacuum strainer and comes in different heights.


Quality and durability are engineered into the unit. Built in stainless steel with a heavy duty liquid-ring vacuum pump, this unit is built to last!

Technical Specifications
Capacity kg (lbs)220 (485)85 (187)
Door (h x w)1000 x 700 mm
(39.5’ x 27.5)
850 x 650 m
(33.5’ x 25.5’)
Height1790 mm1540 mm
Diameter860 mm860 mm
Motor2 kW / 3000rpm2 kW / 3000rpm
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