Universal Compact Dispenser


    • Fast dispensing
    • Excellent reproducibility
    • Modular construction
    • Small footprint


    • Thickener dispense unit
    • Automatic robot-mixing unit
    • Container transport system
    • Link to order management software

Universal Compact Dispenser

The Universal Compact Dispenser (UCD) has been designed for high-accuracy automatic dispensing of chemicals and dyes for textile printing and dyeing industries.

Customer input and VANWYK Experience have resulted in a modular construction that combines ease of operation with precision dispensing, high capacity and low investment.


The UCD dispenses through highprecision dispensing valves into a container on a high resolution digital scale. The dispense speed and accuracy are controlled by a variable pump speed and valve opening.


The combination of variable pump speeds, precision dispensing valves and scale data results in a highly accurate yet very fast dispense.


Stored dyes are filtered and circulated to prevent sedimentation, maintaining consistent concentration and flow characteristics.

Easy operation

The Camelot software on an industrial PC allows for an easy operation.


The unit can be integrated into a fully automatic line, combining colour dispensing, thickener dispensing, automatic mixing and container transport.


Together with Vanwyk’s Camelot software, the UCD is able to re-use return colours optimally, reducing material costs and pollution problems.


The UCD uses pure liquid colours instead of cut colours. The unit is self-contained, requiring only power, water and compressed air.

Technical Specifications
Pumps:Electric gear pumps
No. Valves:8 to 48
Production capacity (single head / with ATD)15 x 30 kg/hour / 15 x 80 kg/hour
Production accuracy:0,2 g.
Sampling amounts:200 g. to 10 kg (± 0.02 g.)
Tank size:30 l. or 100 l.
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