Thickener and Clear Preparation System


    • Fast and flexible
    • Excellent reproducibility


    • Additional mixing element to allow viscosities up to 45000 cP
    • Automatic volumetric dispensing unit to dispense binders, white spirit, water and other liquid additives
    • Automatic Injectomat for thickening powder dispensing
    • Heavy duty Vanwyk thickener transportpump
    • Fine pressfilters after the pump, easy to cleanast and flexible

Thickener and Clear Preparation System

Vanwyk’s Thickener and Clear preparation system will prepare your thickener or clear in under 20 minutes.

This fully automatic PLC controlled unit will give fast, accurate and reproducible results batch after batch!


The Preparation system fills the tank with water and liquid chemicals through a flowmeter. Thickening powder can be added through a Vanwyk Injectomat.


The combination of fast liquid dispense, heavy-duty emulsifier and Injectomat guarantees a batch every 20 minutes.


40 years of experience in building these units guarantees an excellent reproducibility, batch after batch.


Quality and durability are engineered into the unit. Built in stainless steel with a heavy duty emulsifier, this unit is built to last!

Easy operation

The PLC controlled unit is operated through a microterminal with built-in process description.


The unit can be easily integrated into a complete colourkitchen where it prepares thickeners and clears for storage containers directly connected to UCD or DCD.


The unit can prepare thickeners and clears just-in-time, preventing long storage times and large storage space.


The unit can function as a standalone preparation system or as a completely integrated automatic unit with special thickener transportpump, filtering units and valve manifolds for supply and distribution.

Technical Specifications
Tanks:1 x 500 kg, 2 x 500 kg,
1 x 1000 kg or 2 x 1000 kg
Max. no. Tanks:4
Max. Viscosity:20000 cP
Emulsifier1500 or 3000 rpm
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