Rotary Screen Washing Machine


    • 100% efficiency in screenwashing
    • Reduce rotary printing machine downtime
    • Speed up strike-offs and sampling
    • Payback in 3-6 months
    • Special version available for screens with Zimmer endrings

Rotary Screen Washing Machine

A Vanwyk Screenwasher cleans two (Duplo) or three (Triplo) rotary screens simultaneously. Fast and thoroughly thanks to its unique waterspray-nozzle system, effective brush rollers and oscillating action of the screens.

The Vanwyk Screenwasher can be placed close to the printing machine(s); a splash guard construction prevents the escape of spraywater.


The screens are washed by a spraying water through nozzles from the inside of the screens while rotating the screens on brush rollers.


A screen will be completely cleaned in one minute!


The maintenance free, stainless steel construction of the machine can be placed on concrete or grid floors.

Easy operation

just slide-on the screens and push the button, that’s all there is to it!


If with the duplo type screenwasher only one screen has to be washed, one of the positions can be cut off with a valve that will save 50% of the water consumption.


The machine can handle screens with repeats between 64-102 cm (25” – 40”).


Quality and durability are engineered into the unit. Built in stainless steel with heavy duty brush rollers, this unit is built to last!

Technical Specifications
Print width (mm)1850240028003200
Machine length (mm)2700325036504050
Machine width Duplo / Triplo (mm)950/1400950/1400950/1400950/1400
Machine height (mm)1250125012501250
Average wash time (s)60606060
Waterconsumption Duplo / Triplo (l)230/340300/450350/525400/600
Waterconnection Duplo / Triplo (“)1¼ / 1½1¼ / 1½1¼ / 1½1¼ / 1½
Installed power (kW)0.370.370.370.37
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