Knock-Brush Device


    • High efficiency in fabric cleaning
    • Top and bottom surface cleaning
    • Easy to install
    • Reduces off-quality fabrics

Knock-Brush Device

The Vanwyk Knock Brush unit cleans all dust and lint from your fabric and cloth.

With it’s low noise and high capacity fan, the Vanwyk Knock-Brush is a fabric cleaning workhorse yet quiet in operation: Truly a whispering giant!


The fabric is cleaned by knocking and brushing on both sides simultaneously. The dust is collected by a cyclone or an extractor fan with dustbag.


With speeds up to 150 meters per minute and for fabrics up to 3200 mm wide, the Knock-Brush cleans fast and thoroughly.


30 years of experience in building these units guarantees an excellent cleaning result. Our special patented nozzles have been developed according to basic aerodynamic principles.


The unit can be equipped with an ionizing system that neutralises the electro-statically charged fabric


The unit is easily integrated in any printing, coating, singeing or other finishing range for woven fabrics.


The Knock-Brush saves time and labour and reduces off-quality fabric.


The knock brush rollers can be stopped individually or simultaneously. They can be set in different positions, generating more or less beating to the fabric. For delicate fabrics that may not be brushed, special beaters are available.

Safe and Clean

The ionizing system is fully enclosed and shockproof. It is absolutely safe from accidental contact. The dust is collected by a cyclone or extractor fan with dustbag to maintain a clean working environment

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