Drum Washing Machine


    • Saves time and labour
    • 2-button operation
    • Minimal waterconsumption


  • All Vanwyk Drumwashers can be equipped with a watersaving system that will reduce the waterconsumption with 70% or more!
  • The system re-uses the rinsing water from previous washing cycles. It can be supplied with new machines but can also be an extension to previously  delivered machines, even the older models!


Vanwyk’s drum and tub washer eliminates unpleasant and time-consuming manual cleaning of dirty drums and pails.

With a minimum of waterconsumption the washer thoroughly cleans the inside, outside and bottom of drums up to 220 liters.


Cleaning is accomplished by inner- and outer rotating brushes through which water is forced. An automatic timer periodically reverses the rotation of the brushes.


The washer cleans a drum in approx. one minute.


30 years of experience in building these units guarantees an excellent result, batch after batch.

Easy operation

2-button operation: START-STOP.


The drumwasher can be integrated into a fully automatic washing line with automatic infeed and outfeed conveyor.


The drumwasher saves time and labour and uses a minimum amount of water.


The drum washer can clean drums from 20 liters to 220 liters. For smaller sizes or higher capacity other versions are available.


Quality and durability are engineered into the unit. Built in stainless steel with heavy duty nylon brushes, this unit is built to last!

Technical Specifications
ModelVWM 201VWM / D 201EWM 201
Capacity/hour50-60 drums100 drums50-60 pails
DrumsizeMin. Ø 300 mm
Max. Ø 700 mm
Max height 950 mm
Min. Ø 300 mm
Max. Ø 550 mm
Max height 950 mm
Min. Ø 200 mm
Max. Ø 400 mm
Max height 600 mm
Min. waterpressureMin. 2.5 barMin. 2.5 barMin. 2.5 bar
Electrical power3 kW4 kW1.1 kW
Max. watertemperature45°C45°C45°C
Waterconsumption30 l / drum30 l / drum20 l / pail
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