Automatic Mixing Unit


    • Fast mixing
    • Available in all sizes and models
    • Saves time and labour


    • Clamp construction to fix drum in mixing position (for Duplomixer, wall- and standframe mixer)
    • Eyebolts and handgrips for hanging on a hoist (for wall and standframe mixer)
    • Mobile standframe (for standframe mixer)

Automatic Mixing Units and Colour Mixers

Vanwyk mixers are specifically designed for textile printers and finishers. They have interchangeable mixing heads, built to withstand roughest locations and come in all sizes and models.

From a simple wallframe mixer to a fully automatic mixing unit, for quantities from 1 to 600 kg.


The content of a drum is mixed by a specially designed mixing element that rotates at high speed. Up and down and left and right movement assures perfect homogeneous mixing.


The mixer speed can be regulated between 600 and 3000 rpm: always the right speed for the job!


30 years of experience in building these units guarantees an excellent result, drum after drum.

Easy operation

2-button operation: START-STOP.


A robotmixer can be fully integrated into a UCD or DCD colourdispenser with automatic infeed and outfeed and automatic control of the mixing process.


The mixer saves time and labour and requires a minimum amount of water to be cleaned.


The mixer comes in all sizes and models. From a simple wallmixer to a fully automatic robotmixer.


The unit is has a robust construction. All immersed and non-covered parts are constructed in stainless steel.

Technical Specifications
ModelRobotmixerDuplomixerWall- / standframe
OperationFully automaticSemi automaticManual
Power (kW)2 x 4 / 2 x 5.52 x 40,15 – 5.5
Speed (rpm)600 – 3000600/30001500/3000/5000
Capacity (kg)15 – 15015 – 1501 – 250
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