Online Chemical Dispenser


    • No manual weighing
    • Safe and clean environment
    • Excellent reproducibility
    • Easy product handling
    • Dispensing and dissolving ‘on order’
    • Automatic transport

On-Line Chemical Dispenser

The Online Chemical Dispenser (OCD) has been designed to gravimetrically dispense chemicals quickly and precisely.

The OCD is ideal for smaller batches that require a high accuracy and rapid preparation.


Chemicals are dispensed directly from the suppliers’ containers or storage tanks by pneumatic pumps into a mixing tank on a scale.


The OCD dispenses and mixes all your liquid chemicals. A typical batch of 200 liters with five components and water is prepared and transported to the machine in approx. 10 minutes.


Dispensing and dissolving takes place in a controlled environment, assuring reproducible results, batch after batch.

Easy Operation

The Vanwyk software on an industrial PC allows for an easy operation. The user-defined process takes place automatically, no operator intervention is required.


The unit can be integrated into a fully automatic dyehouse, combining chemical dye dispensing and distribution to the dye machines.


The OCD operates fully automatic, there is no need for operator intervention.


Ready batches will be pumped directly to the finishing machine upon request by its operator.


The tank is constructed in stainless steel. The pumps are heavy duty pneumatic diaphragm pumps. The unit is controlled by an industrial PC/PLC combination.

Safe and Clean

Dispensing, mixing and transport is all done automatically inside a closed cabinet.

Technical Specifications
Max. Viscosity300cP
Accuracy+/- 2 g.
Dispense valvesMax. 30 fine chemical valves
Max. 8 bulk chemical valves
Dispense pumpspneumatic diaphragm pump
Mixerpneumatically operated, 0,62 kW, 300-1200 rpm
Transportpumppneumatic diaphragm pump, capacity 80 liters/minute
Dimensions (l-w-h)1700 x 1500 x 2000 mm
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