Manual Dispense Station


    • Prevents operator errors
    • Provides a controlled environment


    • Barcode scanner

Manual Dispense System

Vanwyk’s Manual Dispense System (MDS) is a total solution for computer controlled / assisted manual dispensing of liquids and powders onto an electronic scale.

MDS assists the user during dispensing and automatically checks and registers the dispensed weights.


The MDS application instructs the user to put a container onto the scale, tare it and advises how much of which component is to be dispensed.


Camelot assists the operator in working in a structured and organized manner, resulting in fast and accurate manual dispenses.


Dispensing takes place in a controlled environment, assuring reproducible results, batch after batch.

Easy operation

The user can operate the MDS using the PC style keyboard or the (optional) barcode scanner.


MDS can easily be integrated into a network. It can receive orders and return results to any Host through XML.


The MDS saves material waste by preventing operator errors.


The high quality industrial scales and the industrial PC guarantee a trouble free and long life. Camelot uses a central MS-SQL database

Technical Specifications
Scale32 kg / 0.01 g.
ControllerIndustrial PC
Barcode readerIndustrial quality handheld scanner
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