Bulk Chemical Dispenser


    • No manual weighing
    • Safe and clean environment
    • Excellent reproducibility
    • Easy product handling
    • Dispensing and dissolving ‘on order’
    • Automatic transport

Bulk Chemical Dispenser

The Bulk Chemical Dispenser (BCD) automatically stores, dispenses, dissolves and transports all your bulk powder chemicals.

The BCD is ideal for large batches that require high accuracy and rapid preparation.


Dispensing is done by a dispensing screw with a capacity of 10-100 kg/min. A maximum of 6 dispensing screws can be placed around the dissolving tank  that is placed on a large scale.


The BCD dissolves all powder chemicals and mixes the batch in minutes.


Dispensing and dissolving takes place in a controlled environment, assuring reproducible results, batch after batch.

Easy operation

The Vanwyk software on an industrial PC allows for an easy operation. The user-defined dissolving process takes place automatically, no operator intervention is required.


The unit can be integrated into a fully automatic dyehouse, combining powder chemical dispensing, dissolving and distribution to the dye machines.


The BCD operates fully automatic, there is no need for operator intervention.


The BCD can be equipped with up to 6 dispensing screws. The dissolved products can be transported to an unlimited number of destinations via Vanwyk’s distribution system.

Safe and Clean

The bag emptying hopper is equipped with a dust-collection system.

Each silo can be separately filled via a filtered vacuum system to ensure a safe and clean environment. The filter is automatically cleaned by air pressure.

Technical Specifications
Dissolving tank500 l.
Silo’s500 l. or 2000 l. (other sizes upon request)
Scale600 kg / 10 g.
Mixer1500 rpm
Minimum batchsize150 l.
Filling unitsVacuum, Bigbag or manual
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