Automatic Product Distribution


    • Fast switching valves
    • Easily cleaned
    • Unlimited number of destinations

Automatic Powder Distribution

The Automatic Product Distribution (APD3) is a custom-made, highly flexible stainless-steel distribution system with special-design valves to quickly distribute the dissolved dyestuffs from the APD2 to the dyemachines.

A high-pressure pump, small diameter piping and the special interior of the valves will ensure a fast and excellent cleaning result.


Because of the unique design of the 3-way valves an unlimited number of destinations can be connected through trees and branches


The valves are equipped with a fast switching actuator and have open and closed detection; the position of the valve can be checked at any time!

Easy operation

The PLC software will choose the routing fully automatic.


The unit can be integrated into a fully automatic dyehouse, distributing dissolved dyes, liquid chemicals and dissolved chemicals to the dye machines.


By creating trees and branches, an unlimited number of destinations can be configured and connected.


The valves are constructed in stainless steel with electro-pneumatic controls

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