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Textile Dyeing

Welcome to the Textile Dyeing and Finishing section. Based on its extensive experience, VANWYK has developed automation systems for textile dyehouses, based on phased investment and construction over a flexible time period.

VANWYK offers you various levels of automation, all of which can be interlinked. Starting with simple Manual systems, most units can be upgraded to or connected to Semi-Automatic or Automatic Systems


Automatic Powder Dispenser

The Automatic Powder Dispenser (APD1) has been designed to dispense powders and granules, combining highly accurate and repeatable batching results with a clean and safe working environment.

Bulk Chemical Dispenser

The Bulk Chemical Dispenser (BCD) dispenses and dissolves all your bulk chemicals.

Online Chemical Dispenser

The On-line Chemical Dispenser (OCD) has been developed for dispensing chemicals quickly and precisely into a tank mounted on a scale.

Volumetric Dispense Unit

The Volumetric Dispense Unit (VDU) has been designed for the automatic dispensing of chemicals for dyeing and finishing applications.

The Paternoster is an efficient rotating storage system for large amounts of products packed both in drums and cartons.

Manual Dispense Station

Vanwyk’s Manual Dispense System (MDS) is a total solution for computer controlled / assisted manual dispensing of liquids and powders onto an electronic scale.


Automatic Powder Dissolver

The Automatic Powder Dissolver (APD2) is a high performance, flexible unit for rapid dissolving of chemicals and dyestuffs.

Sometimes, fully automatic powder dispensing and dissolving may be just one step too far. Still, manual dissolving of dyes can be a major cause of shade differences. VANWYK offers you the opportunity to overcome both problems, with the Semi-Automatic Powder Dissolver (S-APD2).


Automatic Product Distribution

The Automatic Product Distribution (APD3) is a custom-made, highly flexible distribution system with special-design valves to quickly distribute the dissolved dyestuffs from the APD2 to the dyemachines.

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