• Fast high-precision dispensing of powders
    • Suited for sampling and small scale production
    • Flexible modular construction
    • Stand-alone or combined with liquid dispensing modules
    • Sample pot buffer for unattended operation


    • Self contained construction
    • High quality product output
    • Weight based dispensing
    • High speed
    • Short lead time
    • Easy expanding in future
    • Flexible modular system
    • Both EX and NON-EX possible

Sample Powder Dispenser

The Sample Powder Dispense Unit is a compact, self-contained dispensing system for dispensing powders and crystals into samples or small batches. It uses patented technology developed by Vanwyk Systems.

It can be used stand-alone or in combination with other liquid/powder modules of the High Capacity Sampling Dispenser (HCSD), making use of the transport system of the HCSD.


The unit dispenses from a silo onto a high precision digital weighing scale using patented technology developed inhouse. The silo’s are stored in a vertical storage rack inside the module. A pick and place unit will either bring the silo to the dispensing or filling position.


The use of a high-precision scale for gravimetric dispensing guarantees absolute sample quality and traceability.


In combination with HCSD’s transport system the sample pots (5 liter max) acts as a combined pot input- and output buffer for un-attended overnight operation.

Easy Operation

The Camelot software on an industrial PC allows for an easy operation.


Dispenses are within pre-defined tolerances which results in less material waste.


The unit is designed to dispense powders/crystals that flow reasonably well and compound samples in a range of 20 grams to 3,5 kg (advisory max 250 grams/dispense).


The combination of Camelot Compounding Management Software, HCSD and the SPD guarantees a fast and quality assured sample making environment.

Safe and Clean

Dispensing takes place in an enclosed environment. If the enclosure is opened, dispensing stops immediately.

A lid lifter removes the lid from the pot before it enters the module and places it back after dispensing.

Technical Specifications
Number of dispense silos:Max. 31 for a small module and 62 for a large module
Material:AISI 316
Dipensing speed silos (3 / 5 liter)30-60 g/min
Capacity:40-60 dispenses/hour @ 10g avg
Dispensing accuracy:5 mg
Scale (max. weight / readibility)6 kg / 1 mg
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