High-Capacity Sample Dispenser


    • Fast dispensing
    • Excellent reproducibility
    • Modular construction
    • Safe and clean environment


    • Powder dispensing module for 32 crystals

High-Capacity Sample Dispenser

The High-Capacity Sample Dispenser (HCSD) compounds samples for customers and for flavourists / perfumers in Flavour and Fragrance companies in a range from 20 grams to 3.5 kg.

The HCSD has a modular setup ranging from 1 to a maximum of 6 dispense modules of 200 / 400 components each. A transport system for sample pots acts as a combined in- and output buffer for un-attended overnight operation.


The system is using very small valves to dispense with milligram precision.


The HCSD has a modular set-up with modules of 100 to 400 components.

By application of more modules the number of components increases, as well as the throughput of the system.


Dispensing takes place in a controlled environment, assuring reproducible results, batch after batch.

Easy Operation

The Camelot software on an industrial PC allows for an easy operation.


Dispenses are within pre-defined tolerances which results in less material waste.


A transport system for the sample pots acts as a combined pot input- and output buffer, allowing for unattended overnight operation


The combination of stainless steel valves and stainless steel pipes or PTFE tubing ensures a trouble-free operation.

Safe and Clean

Dispensing takes place in an enclosed environment. If the enclosure is opened, dispensing stops immediately.

The HCSD is equipped with drip trays that prevent product from unintentionally reaching the dispense container.

Technical Specifications
No. Valves:2400 (600 per module)
Accuracy0.003 g.
Capacity5000 g.
StoragecontainersTanks, drums and bottles under nitrogen pressure
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