Camelot Software


    • Reliable database
    • Central data storage
    • Proven technology

Standard features

    • Ingredients management
    • Order management
    • Formula management
    • Stock locations / inventory control
    • Standard reports facilities
    • User management
    • Foreign language support
    • Confidential dispensing

Optional features

    • Barcode printing
    • Communication and interfacing

Camelot software

The Compounding Administration and Management Package (CAMELOT) is a management software program that includes all the functions to supervise and operate a complete compounding department.

CAMELOT communicates with automatic and manual dispensing systems. Orders generated either at the  CAMELOT system or coming from a HOST system are optimally divided among the available dispensing systems for efficient manufacture


CAMELOT is a ANSI / ISA S88.01 based suite of programs using the most up-to-date and universal methods to link upstream and downstream, including database sharing.


Almost 30 years of experience in dispensing and database techniques for compounders guarantees the highest quality in dispensing and management software.

Easy operation

The graphical user interface makes Camelot extremely easy to use.


Camelot keeps track of all stock mutations and is the ideal tool for raw material inventory control.


From a single-user stand-alone dispense system to a multi-user server-client environment, Camelot can do it all!


Camelot uses one central MS-SQL database for both batch management and batch processing.

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